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Mobile Marketing offers companies a variety of new possibilities in terms of product advertising and client fidelity. Clients can be reached directly via mobile communication platforms.

  • Mobile Marketing activities can be re-financed.

  • The costs for the participants are flexible, but correspond in most cases to the cost of mailing a post card.

  • Mobile Marketing activities can be used perfectly alongside all other marketing tools used, which bundles the overall marketing impact.

Working with Datacows means you have access to state-of-the-art systems for use in Mobile Marketing without incurring any start-up costs.

Datacows offers you a wide choice of options for becoming active in Mobile Marketing.

The applications fields are unlimited. Product launches, competitions, surveys, sweepstakes, product oriented SMS quizzes and many more activities to reach your clients directly.

Datacows has the expertise and technical capabilities to realize your ideas for Mobile Marketing at national and international level.

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